About Adrian Aros

Entrepreneur & Glass Explorer

“On my way to Mars 🚀”

I love to discover customer problems and solve them with technology. I develop, scale, and maximize product and company portfolios. To accomplish this, I identify and prioritize key market opportunities, build teams and delegate functions, and seek maximum efficiency. I have founded 3 successful businesses in my lifetime; one was sold.

I can build a company from the ground up. I helped build:

Books written by me:

  • Sports Marketing: How to Launch a Winning Sports Program – I recommend reading my eBook if you work for me in any of my businesses in the sports industry.
  • TBA – I have been writing a textbook about a specific glass industry category for the last couple of years. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to explore opportunities with me. Let’s think big!

My most prominent MVPs are:

  • Aros E-Sports – Operated in a total of 15 states. Participants were required to pay a monthly subscription (this was not a free service).
  • FindBanda – While this MVP was never officially launched, most technology and processes are utilized today. 
  • MySportsFriend – This MVP was created solely to test my marketing theories using the sports industry. 

I have participated in many executive positions throughout my career in product management, business development, technology, sales, marketing, and the public sector. I have also served as Chief Executive Officer for 2 companies; both received successful acquisitions. My professional experience has enhanced my skills as a:

  • Product Management Expert
  • Glass & Glazing Expert
  • Online Marketplace Platform Expert
  • Sports Operations Expert
  • Event Operations Expert
  • Communications Expert

I enjoy meeting new people and learning new ideas. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk about new market opportunities, creating new software products, or glass.

Other Readings

I have worked with: